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The Original Plots Revolution Podcast - Coming 2022 

Podcasts on writing are a dime a dozen. I can't move without hitting another writer rambling on about how they think everyone else should be storytelling. That being said, I am planning to throw my hat into the ring. What will make my podcast any different? First, I'm not selling a book, I'm selling an idea. I think with time, effort and a dash of creativity anyone can tell their story. I want this podcast to be a tool for writers, on top of what they already use to create their own stories. We'll be talking about my writing journey, and my process, of course, but we're also going to be talking about current topics/trends in writing. Books, movies, screenplays, television, comics, and videogames. Anything that might contain a story is game.

The format will be slightly Rated-R stuff. I know, that may irk some more wholesome writers but the truth is storytelling contains the happy to the grim dark. We've got to have a forum to talk about it, right? I have no sponsors. No rules. No one to answer to but me. It should be glorious. I plan to keep the episodes around 45 mintues to an hour but could go longer depending on the topic.

Why a podcast? I think blogs are a joke. To come up with a topic every week then write about it? Sounds like work to me. Friends have mentioned YouTube but I'm not the type of guy who could do this on camera with a bright light and cam in my face. Then I would have to work on how I look. I'd rather talk about it. For awhile it will be just me and you, the listener. I will have guests down the road. It won't always be a one man show, but I think for starters the show will be more effective that way.

I will also open the floor to listeners. If there's a topic someone wants covered, a possible book, TV show or movie review, I'm game. If there's a topic someone wants me to talk more in depth about, I can do that too. This will be a great podcast for writers, published authors and filmmakers. We're going to tear down the process of storytelling and start from scratch using what we already know about how a story is created and building upon that with new 21st century ideas.

This should be a fun ride. Join me, Spring 2022.