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Bryan was born in June of 1975. He is Generation X to the core. As a child of the 80s he was brought up on Saturday morning cartoons, Nintendo and the uncut entertainment that only the trifecta of Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO could provide. He loved books and film and worked to understand the deeper level of how stories themselves are put together. Anyone can create a story but how does it connect with an audience? Are there no more original stories left? These were the things that kept him up at night.

In High School he began to develop the idea of of creating a guide to change storytelling as the world knew it. This guide would not only serve as a guide for himself but also future writers. In the 90s the internet was coming along and Bryan couldn't get his ideas off the ground. There were no good self publishers in those days. The only way you could get a book published was by sending out your work to a publisher, waiting months and hoping it didn't get thrown into the slush pile.

Soon, the internet provided true self published options and Bryan decided to throw his writing guide into the world. In Janurary, 2013, USA Today mentioned Original Plots: The Unified Field Theory of Storytelling in its paper and web site to a circulation of 3 million across the United States. He was absolutely stunned by the overnight fame. Bryan is a self described architect when it comes to writing. He doesn't like to simply write to write. He needs a plan and a knowledgebase for his work. He is no 'panster' writer.

Since then he has been working to further develop The Serin Prophecy and other writing projects but there have been setbacks. The death of his father, uncle and friends over the last decade have taken their toll and slowed his progress. The Covid-19 pandemic also weighed heavily on project timelines. As things clear up a bit in the world, Bryan has a renewed focus on getting these projects done. It's been said so many times but the truth is still the same; tomorrow is not promised.

He currently lives in Indianapolis, IN.

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